Best Cheating Apps for Android Users to Have an Affair

Are you looking for the best cheating apps for Android in 2023? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here I am going to walk through some of the best apps for cheating available for Android smartphones that might come in very handy while having an affair.

I divided this list into two parts for your ease.

  1. Best android cheating apps to find an affair partner
  2. Best android cheating apps to keep yourself safe from getting caught

let’s get started.

Best cheating apps for Android to find an affair partner 2023

Every cheating starts from finding an affair partner. If you don’t have any affair partner by now, you can use the best cheating apps 2023 mentioned below to begin your cheating journey.

All the dating platforms that I’ve mentioned below have a good reputation, a strong user base, and robust privacy and security tools to keep you secure and anonymous.

1. Ashley Madison


Ashley madison

The very first and one of the best cheating apps for cheating spouses on our list is Ashley Madison. It is one of the highly regarded discreet dating apps that openly supports extramarital datings and affairs. Even Ashley Madison has a tagline that says, “Life is short. Have an Affair.”

Ashley Madison joined the online dating industry in 2001 as a web-based service. But as the craze of smartphone apps grew, they introduced their app in the market as well. Right now, they have their native app designed for both Android and iOS platforms.

I listed Ashley Madison in the first place because of the potential it has. Ashley Madison boasts over 80 million users, which drastically increases the chances of getting an affair partner. Also, around 60% of these users are primarily looking for discreet affairs.

Another section where Ashley Madison beats a lot of its competitors is its security and privacy policies. Ashley Madison is a very secure platform, and they use an end-to-end encryption algorithm to store your information and logs.

Also, Ashley Madison never asks users to enter their personal information. You just need to enter your email address, and you’re ready to dive in. However, adding your personal information can increase the chances of getting more connections. Still, if you want to make sure that your identity will be hidden, you can deny entering those details.

However, the only shortcoming of Ashley Madison is that it offers entirely free services to female users. But if you are a male user, you will be only allowed to access limited features with free accounts. Free accounts come with minimal access, and therefore, it becomes necessary to opt for the premium membership.

2. Zoosk



The next online cheating app on our list is Zoosk. It is also an online dating app like Ashley Madison, offering its services for more than a decade now. It is a great competitor of Ashley Madison, especially for US citizens. In 2020, the app reported splendid 40 million users, of which over 60% were from the US.

Apart from that, Zoosk offers its services in 80 different countries, making it an excellent choice for people looking for cheating partners. Due to its immense success, even “The Wall Street Journal” mentioned Zoosk in its list of “The Next Big Thing.”

The reason I listed Zoosk on the second position of my list of best cheating dating apps because it promotes itself as a platform where you can find like-minded individuals. And that is the main reason most vowed people go for an affair because they feel their partner doesn’t understand them.

Another thing about Zoosk that impressed me was its SmartPick and Dating Insights algorithm. Zoosk uses your behavioral data, and with the help of AI, it suggests you people with the same likings and behavior. This AI technology really intrigued me, and when I saw how good it is at reading people’s behavior, I was amazed.

However, even though the account creation process on the Zoosk app is straightforward, users have to undergo a rigorous verification process. If you fail this verification, you will not be allowed to access Zoosk. It is a great way to keep the platform safe from fake profiles, but in contrast, it becomes a thing of concern for people who are not interested in sharing their personal information.

Like the majority of online dating platforms, Zoosk does also offers a free membership plan. But they are so limited that users have to opt for the premium membership. Nevertheless, at only $12.50 a month, Zoosk is definitely the cheapest cheating platform on the internet.

3. Victoria Milan


Victoria Milan

If you are very concerned about your privacy and security and looking for cheating dating apps that could help you get affair partners but won’t compromise your privacy, Victoria Milan is the way to go. It is a very popular married and attached dating platform that boasts over 7.6 million users.

Victoria Milan claims to be the world’s #1 website for married and attached datings. The way it follows privacy and security measures, Victoria Milan is definitely worth considering. It offers a confidential and anonymous dating experience, making it an excellent platform for people looking for an affair.

To enhance the security of the platform, Victoria Milan has implemented a security system crafted by Norton. Besides that, every entry in the app follows the AES 128 SHA 256 128-bit encryption, making it the end-to-end encrypted platform.

If that is not enough for you, it also features many in-house designed tools like AnonymousBlur, Panic button, and others that take your privacy and security to the next level. Overall, Victoria Milan stands among the best cheating apps for Android from the security aspect.

The smartphone apps of Victoria Milan have a clean and minimal user interface. It is a very feature-rich interface that looks very eye-catchy. Also, it is very much optimized for slow internet connection.

However, the major deal-breaker for Victoria Milan can be its membership plans. It does feature a free membership, but that only allows you to see other users’ profiles. For anything apart from that, you have to pay for the premium membership plan.

And the premium plans at Victoria Milan are quite pricey. The least you have to pay is $29.99/month, and even that when you opt for the annual membership. If you go for the quarterly membership, the premium plan’s pricing drastically goes to $49.99/month. Overall, Victoria Milan is undoubtedly an excellent platform, but it costs heavily on its membership.

Best cheating apps for Android to keep yourself safe from getting caught

So far, in this article, we discussed three popular cheating apps to find an affair partner. But finding an affair partner is not the only thing that you have to look after. From hereafter, I will talk about various apps that you can use to keep yourself safe from getting caught by your spouse.

4. Signal


Signal is a very popular instant messaging app available for all different types of smartphone devices. It is widespread for its secure, free, and open-source nature. According to many popular security forums and journals, Signal is the most secure way to communicate online.

The best thing about Signal is that it doesn’t store any information on its servers except your phone number, date and time you joined Signal, and your log info. They don’t store any of your media files or messages on their servers.

All your messages, chats, and media files only get stored on your smartphone in an encrypted form. To decrypt those chats and messages, you will have to set up a decryption PIN, and without that, nobody else can sneak into your chat data. It is excellent from the privacy point of view as no one can get any information about chats without physical access to your device.

Apart from that, Signal uses Signal Protocol, which is one of the most secure instant messaging protocols, and even many closed-source apps, including WhatsApp, use it to encrypt messages. With Signal Protocol, it uses Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) to make the messages, voice chats, and videos more secure.

But this is not the main reason why I mentioned Signal on this list of best cheating apps. I included Signal here because it is a perfect instant messaging app to erase chats automatically. It has a feature named “Disappearing Messages” that deletes all chats, media, and other files from the device of both sender and receiver after an allotted period.

If you are cheating on your partner, then I highly suggest you use Signal’s disappearing messages feature to keep yourself safe from your spouse. And as a bonus, you will get access to all other privacy and security features of the Signal instant messaging app.

5. Telegram


Telegram messenger is another cloud-based multi-platform messaging service that came into existence in late 2013. It was founded by a Russian entrepreneur named Pavel Durov. According to recent reports, it has an estimated 500 million active monthly users, making it one of the widely used instant messaging services on the internet.

It got a sudden boost in its user base when its biggest rival, WhatsApp, released its recent privacy policy. Because of that policy update, WhatsApp received a lot of criticism on social media, and a significant amount of WhatsApp users either shifted to Telegram or Signal.

But that is not the main reason why I am suggesting you use Telegram for cheating purposes. The recent release of Telegram includes a lot of features that can save you from getting caught. Also, the best thing about using Telegram is that it will not raise any suspicion.

The very first one is its “Auto Destruct” feature. This feature is identical to Signal’s self-destructing messages. Here you can set a timer for the conversation you are having with specific users. After that time duration, all your messages will automatically get deleted from your and the recipient’s device.

Another feature that you can use to cheat on your partner is its “Hidden Chats” option. This feature lets you start a secret conversation with any other Telegram user. And the best thing is that nobody without a pin can have access to that conversation.

Overall, if you are concerned about not getting caught for your infidelity, shifting to a secured messaging platform like Signal or Telegram can be a good choice.

6. Snapchat


Snapchat is a widely popular app that has attracted millions of users. In my opinion, it is one of the best cheating apps that anybody can use, and that too for a good reason. It offers a unique photo flashing feature that lets you send images and messages for a short amount of period before they disappear forever.

This image flashing feature is pretty similar to Signal’s disappearing message and Telegram’s auto-destruct function. Because of this feature, Snapchat has been used widely for sexting purposes as this automatic deletion feature keeps all your activities private and secure.

Along with that, this feature is very useful from a privacy standpoint as well. For example, if you send somebody a self-destructive snap of yours and the receiver tries to take a screenshot of that before the time expires, Snapchat will notify you about that.

Now I know many of you are thinking about how it is so important. So, let me create a scenario for you. Suppose you are in an affair with a person who is a friend of your spouse, and if something goes wrong, then the person you’re in an affair with might tell your partner about you and him or her.

In that case, to prove their point, they must need some proof, and since you guys are using Snapchat to communicate, they will not have any evidence. Because all the messages would be destroyed by then, and if they had tried taking any screenshot, you would know about that.

The other person would have no proof, and that will be a win-win situation for you. On top of that, the popularity of Snapchat would help to shade suspicion away from you.

7. KeepSafe Photo Vault


There is no doubt that if you are going to have an affair, you will not exchange naughty nude videos and images. Even though those images or videos would be fun to share or watch, they can lend you in so much trouble. If your loved ones saw any of them, that will not only hurt them but will also put your reputation in danger.

That’s when the KeepSafe Photo Vault came into play. It is one of the best apps for cheating that can save you from putting yourself in danger or, at least, minimize the overall damage. KeepSafe Photo Vault can be used to hide those naughty images and videos by putting an additional layer of protection over them.

KeepSafe is a very popular photo vault and album locker available for both Android and iOS. According to reports, KeepSafe has over 50 million worldwide users and has been used to store over a billion images and videos in their vault.

It offers a cloud-based, fully encrypted vault that lets you store all those nude images and videos on the cloud so that they can be hidden away from the prying eyes of your loved ones. However, it will be entirely your choice whether you want to upload it to the cloud or not.

But uploading them would provide you more functionality, such as backing up your photos or videos and syncing them across different devices. You can also delete them from your smartphone device as well and access them whenever you want.

The best thing about KeepSafe Photo Vault is that it is very easy to use. You don’t have to get into much technicality. Simply download the app, and after setting up a pin, start selecting pictures and videos, and it will hide them from your gallery.

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Closing Comments

There you have it – a list of best cheating apps for Android users.

Obviously, if you want to have an affair, nobody can stop you from doing that. Even I believe that cheating can be a good option if you are dealing with some sort of mental or physical issues with your spouse. If you are in an open relationship and your partner is okay with everything you do, then having an affair is not a big deal.

But if you are planning to cheat your partner, then I suggest you do that in a manner where it reduces the overall damage. The best Android cheating apps that I mentioned in this article will help you in that.

However, if you suspect your partner is cheating or just curious to know what apps do cheaters use, this can be a definitive guide for you. It has all the common apps that a cheater would use.

With that said, here is the time to wrap up the article. I hope it helped you find the best cheating apps for Android. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to answer all your queries ASAP.